This week we’re chatting with business coach, Luisa Zhou. Luisa has an incredible coaching business built on the idea of helping everyone become a little bit more entrepreneurial. Whether it be by transitioning out of your corporate job and starting your own business, or staying in your 9-5 and creating a course to help you share your expertise, she has got you covered.

Luisa is internet famous in the online business world for her multi six-figure launches and building a seven-figure business, but often not talked about is how she was able to do it. It comes down to her ability to experiment and test with intention. She has done that by creating a business that makes room for trying and failing, keeping her team nice and lean, and preparing herself mentally for failure. 



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Some things we talk about in this episode:


  • Luisa is an engineer by trade
  • Transitioning into creating evergreen content
  • Creating and tracking experiments isn’t hard!
  • Goal setting should be based on benchmarks you’ve already seen in your business
  • Think slow and simple as you move forward


Key takeaways:


  • TAKE YOUR TIME: Luisa has maintained only two major projects for the last 4 years of her business
    • Now that those two are built up, she has more time to work on experiments
  • Making your experiments timebound and having baseline consistent revenue keeps the fear of failure at bay 
  • Difference between goal setting and experimentation is that you should expect your experiment to go wrong
    • If it meets or exceeds your expectations, that’s a bonus!



Questions for Luisa:



Q: What are you reading?


Q: What’s your made-up superpower?

      • Being able to read the thoughts and emotions of others like a mood ring 


Q: It’s the zombie apocalypse. You need to leave your house immediately. What are three things you bring with you?

      1. A tank/hummer/big car 
      2. Some sort of weapons arsenal
      3. Bottled water and non-perishable canned foods


Q: What’s an exciting mission or project you’re working on in your business right now?

      • My mission is to get these courses that I’ve spent years working on out in the world. I’ve addressed all objections I could have in regard to my courses and now I want to take it mainstream – to help people realize there’s never been a better time to be an entrepreneur. 



Helpful Links Mentioned 


Luisa Zhou

Luisa’s Instagram

Luisa Zhou Live on Facebook





BONUS: Experimenting with intention


1. Start with a spreadsheet

  • Google Sheets is free!


2. Decide on your experiment

  • What, how long, your projected outcome, and what you’d like to track


3. Check on it each week




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