Today’s guest has spent the last three years purposefully experimenting with risk and reward in her business. Stephanie Stiavetti is an online cooking teacher on a mission to change the relationship that her students have with cooking. She helps them to go from hopeless and fearful to confident kitchen ninjas.


As you’ll hear in our conversation, there are so many lessons and learning to be a competent cook that directly apply to running a business. In this episode, Stephanie and I talked about risk taking play, learning to trust yourself, perfectionism, and the smoky way in which Stephanie helps her students learn these lessons. The conversation is a great balance to last week’s episode about the data and more technical parts of experimentation. This week, we’re looking at the core of your business – YOU!


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Your gut will always have the truth. 



Some things we talk about in this episode:


      • Stephanie teaches people how to cook – an art that is wrought fear, risk, and reward
      • Take the time to learn how to listen to your ‘gut’
      • There’s a fine line between risk and reward – they are often tangled up together!
        • If you want anything good (a tasty meal, bigger profits in business, deeper relationships), you have to be willing to walk the uncomfortable line between the two


Key takeaways:


    • Allow yourself to feel your fear then move on
    • Indecision is the front porch of fear’s house
    • Indecision is another phase of fear and it WILL KILL YOU
      • If you find yourself saying, “I don’t know” a lot and simply *NOT* making a choice, there’s a good chance you are still being driven by fear
    • How many bad decisions am I willing to make to get to where I want to go? 
    • In addition to learning how to trust yourself, learn how to forgive yourself
      • The definition of a perfectionist is that they have the expectation for perfection – 100% accuracy in decision making (or any arena in life) is impossible
      • So an essential entrepreneurial skill is self forgiveness



Questions for Stephanie:



Q: What are you reading?


Q: What’s your made-up superpower?

      • Smite all the evil people in the world!


Q: It’s the zombie apocalypse. You are running for your life. What are three things you bring with you?

      1. Antibiotics 
      2. Big ole shotgun 
      3. Big dog


Q: What’s an exciting mission or project you’re working on in your business right now?

      • Teach one million people how to cook



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