This week, I wanted to share some of my thoughts on things I’ve seen with my clients when it comes to finding and setting up accountability. 


Most people need outer accountability and guess what – it’s okay!


This episode I share insight and observation about the role accountability plays in goal execution as a small business owner. Most people are what Gretchen Rubin would call “Obligers”. They respond well to external accountability (client deadlines, team needs, etc.) but struggle with internal accountability.





“For Obligers, it’ s not a matter of motivation, or putting yourself first, or balance, or self-esteem, boundaries, or priorities. Plug in outer accountability, and you will be able to meet inner expectations.”   – Gretchen Rubin


What we discuss in this episode: 


  • How do I find outer accountability? 
    • Be willing to test things out. 
    • Might best work with one person, a group, with a mentor/coach, etc.
    • Find it before you need it.


  • What do I look for in outer accountability?
    • Vet opportunities on the attitude towards different business goals (are they similar to your own?). 
    • As you talk, answers will start to fall into place (either in the affirmative or the negative), no need to force things.
    • Trust your gut – if it’s not the right fit, that’s ok! This person will likely see you in a ‘low-state’ so trust is necessary. If you don’t feel it, that’s fine too. 


  • What should I do for the first few weeks or months?
    • Try different rhythms of accountability (weekly check-in, consequences, etc.). 
    • Be gracious – it takes some time to test and find something that works for all parties. 
    • Know that you’re building in long-term support for yourself in business – don’t expect immediate gratification.


Links mentioned: 


The Four Tendencies 

Gretchen Rubin





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