This week on the podcast, we’re talking to Val Geisler of Fix Your Churn about the many iterations her business has undergone over the years. She started as a virtual assistant and is now one of the top authorities on customer retention for Saas and eCommerce companies.

I love Val’s story because it’s a strong case study on a variety of the transitions that a business can undergo in a relitively short amount of time. But it’s also about the real implications of iterating in your business for you as a human, for your family, and for the overall scheme or scope of your career.


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If I wanted to feel safe and comfortable, I would just take a job somewhere. Although, I am the first to argue that a job is not the safest thing you can have.



Some things we talk about in this episode:


  • The process of onboarding and how it can look different for every business.
  • Finding your specialization over time.
  • Understanding why customers are leaving (if/when they leave) to help you create better offerings.
  • Don’t be afraid to run towards “very scary things”. 


Key takeaways:


  • Val’s approach to entrepreneurship and how it changed after leaving the workforce for a second time (thinking outside of making up for the salary). 
  • Val’s view on creating a business vs. being a freelancer.
  • Fix My Churn came from different conversations about retention, which starts with better onboarding. 
  • Our new tagline for entrepreneurship: It’s all terrifying!



Helpful links mentioned:


Val’s Website 

Fix My Churn





The #1 question to ask yourself when you’re making a pivot in your business: 


Q: How willing am I to be wrong? 


  • Be willing to be wrong and invest time and money into a brand/business that will potentially never launch. 
  • Have the mind of a student. 





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