Today, I’m chatting with Dr. Alane Presswood. Lanie is a professor, and the Director of Oral Communication, at Hollins University. Additionally, she’s also a public speaking consultant to  entrepreneurs and online business owners. 

I worked with Lanie earlier this year on my TedX talk, and I was so wonderfully pleased to have found someone who understands where online business, entrepreneurship, and speaking fit together. She was able to help me develop a killer presentation that increased my authority and grew my business. In this conversation, Lanie gives us all the goods.  She takes us step by step on how to develop, research, and deliver a presentation that you can be really proud of.  



Be looking out for Lanie’s book coming at the end of this year!



Some things we talk about in this episode:

  • Thinking of ideas in a different way 
  • Specific prep
  • Get an idea of who is going to the event you are speaking at
  • Know how your expertise will distinguish you from others and what your message will be
  • Think about the needs of the people you are addressing 
  • The presentation bench
  • Razor edge between anxiety and excitement



Key takeaways:

  • Know your audience
  • Understand the event and everything about it 
  • Be mindful of the scope of your talk 
  • What is necessary? Cut, cut, cut
  • Deliver a presentation you’re proud of (check out the BONUS! below)


Tips for finding white space:

  • Scheduling
  • Defining the fine line between being home and being away
  • Coffee!



Questions for Lanie:


Q: What are you reading?


Q: What’s your superpower?

    • Fake: Telepathy
    • Real: I always know what the signs say


Q: What’s an exciting mission you/your team/your family is on now?

    • I want everyone to be more involved in local elections. I want people to realize the importance of participating in micro-local politics. 


Helpful links mentioned: 

Lanie Presswood

Lanie on Twitter





How to deliver a presentation successfully:

  • Make sure you’re wearing clothes you’re comfortable in 
  • Hydrate!
  • Don’t practice up until the moment but run through it the day of
  • If you are able, check your tech



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