This is Note to Self, a series of mini-lessons from two high-impact entrepreneurs to their former, present and future selves. Grab your sticky-notes and listen up. This week, my co-host Nicola and I talk about resilience and the role it has in our nonlinear journey of confidence.

In this mini-lesson, we cover: 

  • Confidence regression and how we’ve experienced it in our lives
  • Tools we use to navigate confidence and prevent regression 

“Every time I launch a new thing that feels very different, I have a moment where I feel like I don’t even know how to coach… My brain can go haywire.” – Hailey 

Nicola and I spend a great deal of our careers helping clients build confidence in different aspects of their lives and businesses. Something that frequently comes up, especially during trying times in many industries, is the concept of confidence regression and how easy it is to feel like we’re “back to square one” when something challenges or hurts our sense of self. The important thing to remember is that confidence is not a one-way street or an easy journey by any means. There will be ups and downs, but there are ways to prevent confidence regression and remind ourselves that our progress has not been lost. 

“In launching new programs, bake in time for that confidence boost as well as that confidence regression, because it’s a natural flow of life.” – Nicola

When I think about my own moments of crisis in confidence in my business, the tool that always helps me is the ability to write and brain dump what I’m feeling before moving forward. Taking time to write, letting myself be honest and even messy with the feelings I express, helps to free my brain from the crisis mindset that confidence regression can cause. For Nicola, she approaches confidence regression and moving forward in a similar fashion by scheduling time in her day-to-day life to manage emotions and cope with stress. By giving herself time to process conversations and decisions, Nicola can avoid feeling “back to square one” when something doesn’t go as planned. 


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