This is Note to Self, a series of mini-lessons from two high-impact entrepreneurs to their former, present and future selves. Through the lens of the work of Dr. Saundra Dalton Smith, my co-host Nicola and I discuss the importance of rest and the solidified place it needs to have as a part of your life as an entrepreneur. 

In this mini-lesson, we cover: 

  • Seven types of rest, and the forms of rest beyond sleeping
  • Defining rest within your own life 
  • Actioning on rest in your day-to-day schedule

“There are other types of rest besides just the physical replenishment that the machines of our bodies need.” – Hailey

Using Saundra Dalton Smith’s 7 types of rest as our guide, Nicola and I focus greatly during this episode on finding out what forms of rest our bodies may need, especially when we get enough sleep and still feel exhausted. While physical rest is the first form of rest and includes sleep as an important element, other forms of rest include mental, sensory, creative, emotional, social, and spiritual, and each are incredibly vital to our overall health and happiness as human beings and as entrepreneurs. 

“What works for me is not guaranteed to be the same thing that works for you.” – Nicola 

The ways in which our bodies cope with feeling exhausted and needing rest is different for each of us, and the ways in which we rest should be different for all of us because of that. Whether your way might be taking a walk or reading a book, drawing a warm bath or finding the time to meditate, consider every form of rest when you investigate why you’re feeling the way you do. Along the way, don’t forget to check in on your health as an important part of your feelings and energy level. 

“Learn by doing…and you have to leave space to just be in it and feel it thoroughly.” – Hailey

Actioning on rest can vary based on who we are and what we need. However, Nicola and I want to emphasize that the process of rest takes time. Feeling your feelings, listening to your body, and understanding your own limits can take practice and patience as you emphasize different forms of rest within your life. While we do provide numerous tips within this episode, it is important to consider what you enjoy and have available to you as you work on actioning rest in your everyday entrepreneurial life. 


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