For our final Note to Self, Nicola and I discuss the essential rhythms of our lives, the outside factors that can impact our rhythms, and how we can best optimize them through personal boundaries to produce higher quality levels of joy and care. 

In this mini-lesson, we cover: 

  • Discovering we were born with this rhythm
  • Understanding that re-finding your rhythm isn’t a “one and done” process
  • Finding rhythms of care and joy in your past, present, and future

“Literally, you’re born with a rhythm of care and joy, it’s already baked in.” – Hailey 

The world is full of rhythms, as are our lives. There’s seasons, time periods, schedules, calendars, routines– all of which can create rhythms in our lives, positive or negative. Focusing on the positive rhythms help us create higher quality livelihoods, filled with joy and care and structured around the healthy personal boundaries that we set. 

“Before I try to change things, I always try to capture what currently is.” – Hailey

When you’re not feeling in tune with the rhythms in your life, it can feel like everything you do revolves around checking boxes and working off of a task list. Awareness of your body, your routines, and the rhythms around you looks nothing like a checklist— it instead feels like synchronization, balance, and attunement. 

“Rhythms of care are easeful, they flow in my life.” – Nicola

Finding rhythms that bring joy in your life is an incredibly freeing and beautiful feeling. For Nicola and myself, joy shows up in our lives in the form of creativity and playfulness. Rhythms that bring joy should feel natural and relaxing. We should be striving always, especially in the new year, to not only maintain rhythms but to be intentional about the new rhythms we create. 



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