What do you want your online business to look like one year from now?

Host, Hailey Thomas, gets the answer and more from a variety of online entrepreneurs – the exciting, the scary and everything in between.

Be a fly on the wall for candid conversations + mini-lessons from those in the trenches. We’re on a mission to normalize (and laugh about) the behind-the-scenes truth that comes with acting towards a new vision for your life and business. 

Welcome to The One Year From Now Podcast.


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In this episode, I’ll take us through the real questions we should be asking ourselves and encourage you to hold yourself accountable for the actions you take and decisions you make as a business owner.

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Tiny Transformation: The “One Year From Now” Vision


Questions to ask yourself: 


  1. When you think of your work and your life, what do you envision for yourself one year from now? 
  2. What is your work like?
  3. What are your clients like?
  4. How do you spend your day?
  5. What’s something you’re really proud you’ve accomplished?
  6. What else do you see?
  7. What are your work and life like today? 
  8. What is the gap between what you are experiencing today and one year from now?
  9. What are you doing about it? 
  10. Are you actively working on these things today?




Having dreams and goals for your business is an essential element of entrepreneurship. It’s important to have these ambitions, but how do you act on them? Hailey explains that only through understanding where we want to go, can we start to map out how to get there. This doesn’t mean plans won’t change, this means you’ve chosen to take action instead of getting lost in your dreams.

“One year is enough time so that people feel like there’s flexibility and some dreaming they can do, but it’s also close enough to be actionable.”

Acknowledging your past decisions
The life you lead and the current state of your business is a result of your past decisions. Every decision leads to rewards or consequences. To make positive, impactful future decisions, Hailey recommends that her clients first understand what decisions they made in the past and consider how they would like to change their decision-making process for the upcoming year. 

“If you don’t acknowledge those patterns, those decisions, those things that you allowed, you can’t change them or you won’t be able to know exactly what to change. ”

Trusting your own vision
When you first start asking yourself what you want one year from now, the ideas that your brain comes up with may surprise you. You may feel like the path ahead isn’t clear. This is okay. Hailey knows that uncovering what you really want can seem daunting, which is why she recommends trusting your thought process and enlisting the help of a coach like her to motivate and inspire your journey. 

“Even if it’s not very clear, trust your brain and notice the things that came up. Those are the things that are powerful and will help guide you in the work that you’re doing now, today.”

Changing for the better
Just like New Year’s resolutions, your one year from now plan is a guide to improve yourself as much as it is a plan to improve your business. Through taking action, understanding your past, and trusting in your vision, you can become the business owner and entrepreneur that your business deserves. The best part? You don’t have to do it alone. 

“You can’t build the business that you envision for yourself a year from now without changing as an individual.”



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