I believe that


are some of the most powerful beings on this planet. And when they are plugged into their visions, deeply impactful change happens that benefits us all.


My mission is to help Entrepreneurs map out (and action towards) their visions.

The One Year From Now Vision (affectionately called the OYFN vision) creates a simple target that can help you make powerful decisions with clarity and certainty about…really everything.

One year is enough time for dreaming and feeling spacious, while being close enough to now to be actionable. 

And when you’re all done, you’ll have created a master list of the specific skills and characteristics you can work on to create the results you want to see in your life. 

Knowing what to work on is a major advantage. No more “binge learning ” trying to find the answers outside of yourself. No more guessing. No more relying on hope.

One Year From Today is…

June 8, 2024

9:03 pm

You will always know exactly what to do next – You will have the map to your own growth.

So, let’s get into it!