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This is where leaders get the insight and inspiration they need to be the best versions of themselves. If you’re a leader who’s determined to be more accomplished, generous, and available to the people and projects that matter the most to you, this show is for you.



Meet the Team



Karen’s ability to focus in and get the small things right is the perfect compliment to any strategic project. This is a lady who knows how to get it done! As a previous executive assistant two leaders in Engineering and Manufacturing at Starbucks, Karen’s knowledge of operations and project facilitation are well honed. Officially, Karen earned her degree from Olivet Nazarene University and then went straight to Starbucks to serve two different teams in support roles. Karen was recognized multiple times for her contribution to strategic projects there.  In addition to her uncanny ability to keep Hailey on track, Karen’s superpowers include making team resources stretch, hoping in mid-stream and driving projects to completion, and maximizing efforts of those around her.

Karen’s superpowers: Empathy & Development of others  



I’m a leadership strategist & coach. I have spent my career (and most of my education years) working out the best ways to listen, lead, organize, and encourage people. Officially, I have a degree in organizational communication and leadership from Illinois State University. Unofficially, I have used my time as a top-level athlete and then a recruiter for a multi-million dollar consulting firm as a way to exercise my communication skills. I have spent the past five years in a variety of roles (professional and volunteer) helping improve people-related processes within organizations so that they can continue to grow- and I’ve loved all of it!

Hailey’s superpowers: Vision-casting & Hospitality


Season One Theme: Thought Partnership

What is it?

  • A partnership that is more than just acting as an “order taker”. We don’t just take the tasks and run with them. We help to bounce ideas off of people. We help our clients think through things in a different way. We try to ask the hard questions. We try to give them the ability to see outside of what they would normally think about.
  • Bringing an outside observer to what it is you’re doing.

Other topics we discuss regularly:

  • Bringing in your superpowers to the work you do – what you’re good at.
  • Understanding what you have to offer.
  • Our work is more than simply completing tasks.

Helpful links mentioned:

Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss

Thought Partnership by Barbara Stanny


Takeaway question for you: What is your superpower?



Thank you for tuning in today and welcome to the BrianSpace Optimized Podcast! We are so excited to be connecting with you in this way. 

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