This week on the podcast, I’m speaking with Susan Boles, the owner and CEO of Scale Spark. Susan Boles is also the host of the podcast Break the Ceiling that digs into unconventional strategies to help people break through growth ceilings. We’re talking to Susan about optimizing time for what really matters, treating your work schedule as one big experiment, and the ebb and flow of identities and relationships in life and business. 


Tiny Transformation: The Path of Least Resistance


Questions to ask yourself:

  1. What’s your path of least resistance?
  2. Are you innovating because you have to or do you feel as if you’re being forced to?




What We’re Talking About: 


  • Optimizing time for what is really important for your business. 
  • Giving yourself permission to know your business. 
  • Adopting and keeping good habits that serve you and your business. 
  • Connecting with daily to-do list items. 
  • Treating your work schedule as an experiment. 
  • Minimizing the impact of daily work to try out hobbies and other things. 
  • The ebb and flow of identities and relationships. 
  • Setting realistic expectations and goals.


Questions for Susan Boles: 


What are you reading right now? 

The Red Queen Series


Tell us something you’re not very good at.

Being patient with myself and letting myself have some space.


What’s your go-to work from home lunch?

Ham & swiss with crackers or nachos.


What is one skill you would recommend a new entrepreneur to master in business?

The art of being able to figure out what matters and filter out the crap that doesn’t. 


Is there anything you want to share that you’re excited about?

The Break the Ceiling Podcast (link below).




Scale Spark

Break the Ceiling Podcast

Susan on Twitter

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