In this episode, I have a conversation with Natasha Vorompiova over at Systems Rock, about doing less for bigger wins in business.


Now before you go rolling your eyes and move on to another episode, we get it.


[ Do less! Delegate! Give it away! ]


It’s all overused and simplified business advice that gurus just love to give. Mainly because it’s easy to say and there is some grain of truth to it. Doing less allows you to focus your efforts and go further in a single direction. But what’s not normally talked about is that it usually costs both you and your business something to make that transition.


Usually it costs time, revenue, and some mental strength on your part. The reality of doing less can be challenging and painful for a business owner who’s just experienced the high of a growth season. So in this episode, Natasha and I set out to normalize the pain that comes with implementing a do less mentality. We talk about the signals in your business and team that tell you when it might be time to reevaluate your systems, and where you as a CEO need to start.


We also talk about how to prepare your business for those changes so that you can be proactive instead of reactive to them. Natasha is a systems expert, but even she believes that the most successful transition of a CEO who wants to “do less”, more focused work comes down to their willingness to be proactive about that transition



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If you know what you need to be doing, why are you not doing it? 


Some things we talk about in this episode:


  • Checking in to see if the delegation piece of business is working properly 
  • Doing less allows you to focus your efforts and go further in a single direction
  • Normalizing talk around what it costs both you and your business (Usually time, revenue, and some mental strength on your part as CEO)
  • It’s completely normal to feel shame, frustration, and challenge when it comes to doing less for bigger business wins
  • Look for the signals in your business and team that tell you it might be time to re-evaluate your focus and systems (the rule of 3)
  • Expect the transition period to be a little bumpy and be ready for it!

Key takeaways:


  • System error flow: Feel the pain, ask questions, make the space to do something about it 
  • To do less, you must first do a little more
  • The CEO needs to start with their own mental work and vision of where the business is going before trying to change systems and move into doing less, more focused work
  • Normalizing your new processes 



Questions for Natasha:



Q: What are you reading?


Q: What’s your made-up superpower?

      • Systems therapist


Q: It’s the zombie apocalypse. You are running for your life. What are three things you bring with you?

      1. My son
      2. My laptop


Q: What’s an exciting mission or project you’re working on in your business right now?

      • Certification program about measurement marketing – using numbers to help figure out what to do about business growth



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