This episode is sooo good! Today, we chat with Issac Bowen, the founder of Lightward. He’s worked hard to build his life and the tools that he creates with his company by continuously breaking things down to the most simple and real concepts. We’re talking about decision making, having the courage to ask yourself important questions, listening to what you hear even when it’s scary, and trusting your instincts in life and business. 


Some things we discuss in this episode:

  • How different endeavors fit together
  • Energy in and energy out
  • The true nature of tools
  • Why pausing is often more productive than pushing forward


Key takeaways:

  • Letting whatever is inside of you come out > let the thing happen
  • How to confidently and graciously say no
  • Aligning your intent with your real desires


Questions for Isaac

Q: What are you reading?

A: Collection of Comic Works – Divinity 

A: Deep


Q: What’s your superpower?

A: Fake – Fly or change size (Ant-Man style) for the purpose of exploring different environments and interact with other things in ways I cannot currently do

A: Real – The ability to enter flow easily whether it’s through music, photography/visual arts, or programming

Q: What’s an exciting mission you/your team/your family on now?

A:  Personal/Business – Launched a product last year called Mechanic.

A: Team – Their competency at work is getting higher as time goes on and they embrace their work.

A: Family – Abe and Isaac are consciously engaged in becoming themselves.  


Helpful links mentioned:

Isaac Bowen





Wise words from Issac when you feel stuck:


Where do I start?

  • Make sure that you are giving yourself all the freedom to be whatever you desire to be but also to let go of whatever you don’t desire to be.


What about work?

  • Ask yourself: is this the thing you are made for in the first place? Are you ignoring that fear or embracing and understanding that fear?


What is my next step?

  • Level with yourself. Make sure you are where you feel like you are right where you are supposed to be.



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