Today, we’re having an open and down to earth conversation about a pretty serious topic. We’re talking about trauma and how it affects your relationship with your business. My guest, Nicole Lewis-Keeber, is a licensed therapist and social worker turned business coach.


She focuses on the way Small T trauma (we’ll talk about Small T and Big T trauma) can deeply affect the businesses we choose to build and how we show up to them. This is a sensitive topic and can be a scary topic, but I think so few people are talking about the connection between our past experiences and what we’re creating with our work.


Nicole helps us see that we are not our businesses but instead are in relationship with our businesses. That distinction allows us to create healthier relationships that are financially successful and emotionally stable instead of relationships that are strewn with toxic patterns of behavior. 


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Big T trauma explodes, Small T trauma erodes, but they both know how to move a mountain. 



Some things we talk about in this episode:


  • Small T vs Big T trauma
  • We don’t always know when we’re self-sabotaging
  • Identify where your “cracks” are and start working from there


Key takeaways:


  • Solving emotional issues with business solutions
  • “Leaky” boundaries
  • Fight, Flight, Freeze & Fawn and how they affect your business



Questions for Nicole:



Q: What are you reading?

Q: What’s your superpower?

      • Fake – Eat what I want and have a great body!
      • Real – Master pattern noticer

Q: What’s an exciting mission you/your team/your family is on now?

      • Speaking about and normalizing the topic of understanding and redefining the relationship to your business. 
      • Integrating Brene Brown’s work into my own. 
      • I have a group program coming in the fall. 


Helpful links mentioned:


Nicole’s website

Work with Nicole



BONUS: Get to work!


Remember, start with self-compassion. From there, you can better identify what you need to work on.

Take Nicole’s assessment and get in touch with her about what you need today. 





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