This week’s episode is all about results – the results we want and the results we currently have.

We’ll dive into some of the normal mind drama our brains associate with what we’re trying to accomplish. While a lot of the times our brains attempt to sabotage what we want for the sake of what they currently understand to be true, we’ll walk through some tips for evaluating current results and how to teach our brains to be a bit more flexible when it comes to what we really want in our lives and businesses.

Tiny Transformation: How to create new results AKA What the hell do I do with my clients all day?


Oftentimes, we put results outside of ourselves because we don’t have a process or an understanding of how we create the results we have. Our minds are capable of both producing the results we want and blocking our access to the results we want.


What are results?


Results are anything you can measure. For example, results can be:

  • The number of new clients you have right now.
  • The number of consults you had this week. 
  • The number of dollars in your bank account. 


Action Steps


1. Understand the results you currently have.

  • Where did your clients come from?
  • What were the thoughts and feelings you were having that made you put those things into action?


2. Evaluate your results.

  • What worked for your business?
  • What didn’t work for your business?
  • What do you want to keep doing? 
  • What do you want to stop doing or do differently?


Best practices for evaluations

  1. Be specific. 
  2. Treat everything like an experiment.
  3. Know when you’re simply interested vs committed to getting results.
  4. Start small.




What We’re Talking About: Wanting vs Having


  • Our beliefs can make or break our efforts. 
  • When we want out of lack.
  • Feelings we avoid and how they hold us back.
  • Challenging our brains to work differently.
  • Building up the capacity to “have” so our brains have evidence of results.


What To Do Next: 


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