How to know when you’ve overcommitted: 


1. You have more projects, tasks, and other things you’ve raised your hand to than you have hours in a day.


2. Having so much “stuff” on your brain it’s hard to do anything else.


It’s a significant barrier to work-life balance and productivity. So, what can you do about it?  



Here are some realistic ideas on what to do when you’ve overcommitted.


Commitment Calculator & Exercise 

    • How: Calculate how many hours you actually have during your day to accomplish tasks vs personal tasks

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      • Column #1: What tasks do you have to accomplish that could “go”? 

        • What things am I working with that I think I could give up? 


      • Column #2: Reflective Question #1 

        • Ask yourself – Why can’t I stop doing this task or give this commitment up? 

          • Don’t think too much about this


      • Column #3: Reflective Question #2
        • Ask yourself – If I don’t complete this task, what will this say about me? 

          • Don’t think too much about this


      • Have a frank conversation with yourself
        • Now you have your list, ask yourself if what you’ve written down makes sense to you

          • Do the things on  your list ring true, or no? 
          • What do others that know you think about your list and what it really means for you? 




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