This week on the podcast, I’m chatting with Beryl Young of Momtography. Beryl Young’s passion lies in encouraging moms everywhere to “beautifully capture, develop, and preserve life’s memories while staying present and joyful in the process.” In this conversation, we talk about what scaling a business looks like, the importance of community, and allowing for flexibility when a planned vision must change (you know, like when we’re going through a global pandemic!). 



Tiny Transformation: How to decide where to reinvest


Ways to reinvest in yourself and your business:

  1. Learning a specific skill via an online course.
  2. Coaching.
  3. Hiring help.


Questions to ask yourself:

  1. What needs more of my attention right now (me, my business, other)?




What We’re Talking About: 

  • The possibilities scaling a business can bring.
  • Spending time understanding the market and who can be served.
  • The importance and beauty of community.
  • Allowing flexibility to pivot to a new product or service. 
  • Embracing iterations instead of moving on to a completely new product or service. 


Questions for Beryl Young: 


What are you reading right now? 

The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and How it Matters


What’s your go-to work from home lunch?

Cheese, crackers, apples, and maybe some pepperoni (or a cheese board!).


What is one skill you would recommend a new entrepreneur to master in business?

Put yourself out there and learn how you can best serve your clients. 


Is there anything you want to share that you’re excited about?

In-person gatherings (when we’re able to again) and Teentography!






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What To Do Next: 


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