Today, we’re chatting with learning strategist and business coach, Jeannie Sullivan. Jeannie’s specialty is helping businesses open themselves up to future possibilities, and one of the many weapons in her arsenal includes reflection. In this episode we talk with Jeannie about why some leaders are resistant to reflection, the big wins it can create in your life, and some really practical wisdom about team dynamics and creating a reflection habit.


Some things we discuss in this episode:

  • Reflection rarely FEELS like the best use of time in any given moment
  • Forward momentum through reflection
  • Difference between planning and reflecting
  • Rhythms of reflection
  • Step back and reflect even when you fail and when you succeed


Reflective questions for business partners and clients:

Q: What’s the best possible outcome of our time together?

Q: What is top of mind for you right now?


Key takeaways:

  • The power of reflection – creating a reflection habit 
  • Before you plan, reflect
  • Reflect on your own before reflecting with your team
  • The goal of reflection is not necessarily action


Questions for Jeannie

Q: What are you reading? 

A: Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller

Q: What’s your superpower? 

A: Fake – Elastigirl

Real – The Maximizer: able to utilize all resources and information to make the best possible outcome happen.

Q: What’s an exciting mission you/your team/your family on now?

A: My family and I are in the middle of a big life transformation together and separately. Challenging ourselves to be present with one another.


Helpful links mentioned:


Jeannie’s Website





Action item:

  • Get a notebook.
  • Go to a quiet space.
  • Ask yourself reflective questions. Focus on one question at a time. 

Question for you:

How do you slow yourself down and really listen to the reflection that takes place at a team level even when you’re the leader who feels five steps ahead?



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